Introduction: Making a Lightning Necklace by Using Recycle Materials

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Hi all,

About one month ago, I bought some affordable LED strip lights from You can see that the LED strip lights are used in interior/exterior designs of the house/garden etc.

I’ve decided to make a light up necklace for when the new year is coming. It’s easy to make. It doesn’t require advanced electronics knowledge. It really looks nice when you wear it. I also used the plastic package which is wrapped around the products to prevent them from damage when i make the necklace. You can leave a comment if you use them in a different way.

Step 1: Required Materials

Let’s start ! We will use a little lenght of the strip leds. You can make different projects with the rest of the strip.:)

Step 2:

  • Cut the LED strip lights with enough lenght.(You can wrap it around your necklace and then measure the lenght of the strip.) It has already a sign on the strip leds saying where to cut it.

Step 3: Designing the Necklace

  • Cut the length of the protective plastic cover with the same lenght as the LED strip lights
  • Then stick the LED strip lights on the protective plastic cover.
  • Cover the LED strip lights with the protective plastic cover and sew or silicone it.

Step 4: Soldering Operations

It's time to power the LED strip lights.

  • Solder the 9V battery head to the LED strip lights. The red cable represents "+" and the black one represents "-".

Step 5: Final Step

Finally, we stickt the hook&loop tape on both ends of the necklace. Our lightning necklace is ready ! We can wear it !

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