Introduction: Making a Metacrylate Shop Sign (Acrylic)

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I am gonna create a Shop Sign using 3mm opal methacrylate and transparent of 5mm to stick on the wall of my workshop.

For this I printed the logo on 3 A4 sheets that I am gonna cut and glue them in the plates using spray adhesive.

Make drills to easily get access with the saw.

Once created the inside holes, let's cut the contour of each letter in the Scroll Saw. I'm using two different blades, a fine one to easily turn with internal cuts and a wider one for the rest.

Being a plastic material I am gonna lower the speed to the first speed.


Step 1: Polish the Edges

Using a rasp we can improve the inner parts correcting minor flaws. As you can see the result is quite acceptable, yet let's sand the edges a bit. Start with P320 sandpaper and then the P220.

Polish the edges using buffing arbor, first with coarse polishing compound and then the finer one. It is very important to use the proper angle to avoid snagging the piece.

We removed the protective plastic and paste a orange vinil in the back to change the color of two of the letters. Cut the remainging parts using a cutter and we can glue them on the wall using the template again and a hot glue gun.