Introduction: Making a Mini-Electric Motor Masco G36

Instructions for making an electric motor.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You Will Need:

1.) One size D battery

2.) One Small Magnet

3.) Two Paper Clips

4.) At Least Two Feet of Consolidated Electric Wire

5.) One Rubber Band

6.) A Piece of Sandpaper

Step 2: Creating Ring of Wire

Wrap wire around battery creating a circle leaving around 5 inches on each end of ring. Refer to the picture if you do not understand what to do. Pull the ring off of the battery. Wrap the wire on each end a few times around the inside the of the circle. Your ring of wire should look similar to these pictures.

Step 3: Create Your Proper Paper Clips

Take the small loop on the inside of the paper clip and bend it down until the paper clip is straight with one hook on each end. Do this a second time to your second paper clip. On the big hook of each paper clip bend it back upward to create another pointing upward. Your paper clip should look like the one in this picture.

Step 4: Sanding Your Wire

One side of your wire loop sand the excess wire removing all sealing of wire, revealing the raw wire. On the other side of the loop, sand only the top half of the wire. Refer to picture for further reference.

Step 5: Put Together Your Motor

Put the paper clips onto the sides of the battery and wrap the rubber band around it, keeping the paperclips onto the battery. Make sure that your hooks are facing up. So far your project should look like the first picture. Places the ring of wire into the hooks with the excess wire in the hooks. Look at the picture if you want to see what it should look like. Place the magnet under the wire, so that it connects to the battery.

Step 6: Using Your Motor

In order to make your wire spin you have to start the spinning yourself. Slowly push the wire so that it begins to spin, and the magnet will take over and it will spin by itself.

Step 7: Trouble Shooting

If the wire doesn't spin try adjusting the height of the paper clip so that it gets closer or farther away from the magnet. It may take a few tries to get the wire to spin.

If still not working try flipping the magnet so the other side of it is facing up, Because only one side of the magnet will work for this.

Go back and check if your sanding was correct and shaved all of the covering where it was needed