Introduction: Making a Mini Knife

About: I’m a knife maker who wants to share my journey of learning

I will be taking a pice of scrap steel and making a mini cleaver

Step 1: Gather Your Steel and Draw the Design

Find a scrap pice of steel you can draw a knife on and then draw in sharpie on the steel what knife design you want to make

Step 2: Cut Your Knife to Shape

I used a 4.5 angle grinder to cut a rough shape then used my 2x72 belt grinder to finalize the shape any belt grinder would work

Step 3: Mark Your Holes and Bevel

I used blue dikem and then marked the holes I will drill and the line I will grind the bevel to

Step 4: Rough Grind the Bevels and Then Go Up in Grit

I start with a new 60 grit belt then go up to 220 grind the bevel and flats use a magnet to hold the knife

Step 5: Heat Treat

Heat up the blade until it is orange to yellow hot and quench in oil till it is cool to touch then temper in the forge that is still warm and let cool to air temp

Step 6: Handle Prep

Cut a pice of wood to the size of your knife handle and drill pin holes in the wood make sure they line up then grind the handle to shape and epoxy the handle scales to the handle

Step 7: Finish Handle and Sharpen

Shape the handle and then hand sand buff until it’s to your liking then sharpen the knife and you are finished nice job

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