Introduction: Making a Mjölnir Pendant (Thor's Hammer)

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Who says Vikings, says Norse mythology. And who says Norse mythology, says Thor, god of thunder. Thor was a beloved god in Viking culture, and it was believed that Thor's hammer, Mjölnir, was made by the Dwarves of Svartalfheim and that it is capable of great powers. Several pendants, similar to the one I made, were found in Scandinavia, so why not make one yourself, so that you could wield the powers of the god of thunder? In this instructable, we'll be making a wooden one, with a nice base to put it on.


You won't need too much for this project:

  • Solid wood. I used maple;
  • A natural Wooden piece that you can find around. Choose one that looks nice!
  • A thread;
  • Carving knives;
  • A battery drill with a 2mm bit;
  • A thin hand saw;
  • Files, rough and smooth;
  • Smooth sanding paper;
  • Dark scratch cover and dark wood renovator;
  • And boiled linseed oil.

Step 1: Plan Your Basic Design, and Draw It on the Wood

I show you in this small diagram the dimensions of the pendant. I chose to carve on both sides of it runic inscriptions in the Viking runic alphabet, younger Futhark: on one side, Thor, and on the other, Mjölnir.

Step 2: Cut Out Your Wood

Using a thin saw, cut the main shape. Don't worry if it's not completely straight: you can sand to get a good outline.

Step 3: Sand the Edges and Make the Hilt Slimmer

Try giving your hammer the best shape you can: make it as smooth and harmonious as possible! making the edges and the hilt gradually slimmer gives it a really good look. Use a low-grit sandpaper to smoothen the surface as much as you could: No scratches allowed!

Step 4: Start Carving Your Design

I chose the front side and gave it a sand on the edges to make them deeper than the body. I thought it looked nice and simple at the same time! You can also be inventive ;)

Step 5: Write What You Want to Carve

You can get inspiration from what I wrote, search for cool runic inscriptions on the internet, or do more complex geometric shapes: It's YOUR pendant!

Step 6: Carve Your Shapes

The only rule here is precision and patience: shape your letters well with your knives!

Step 7: Drill a Hole for Your Thread

Choose a really thin drill bit: I took a 2mm one, as it was just slimmer than the hilt. Don't force too much: go straight, and at the middle, taking care of keeping your wood nice and healthy :)

Step 8: Do the Paintjob!

First, apply some dark scratch cover: mine is really good for small items like this one, it gives a nice tone and lasts really long (if not forever, but I've never lived as long as forever to be sure...). Then, to give it a nice little glow, add wood renovator oil or boiled linseed oil, then let dry so that the wood can absorb it! You can do several layers for a really good-looking artefact!

Step 9: Make a Display Base

While I was working, I found the scrap piece of wood lying around to be quite beautiful, so I said, why not use it as a display! So I painted it with the oil, and let it dry.

Step 10: Tie Your Thread...

Only one thing left: the thread. I chose an old-looking fibre thread that I folded and tied.

Step 11: ... and You're Done!

You can display your small artefact or tie it around your neck or your wrist, it's all up to you! May the powers of Thor be with you, and until the next instructable, honourable Viking of Midgard!

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