Introduction: Making a Plaster Pencil Holder

Are you bored with the boring pencil holders that are sold in stores? Why don't you create your own one then? It's Easy.

Step 1: Equipment

- A piece of polypropylene

- A dark pen

- Scissors

- Workshop knife

- Cutting board

- Tape

- Plaster

- Small PVC pipe

Step 2: Draw Out Your Design

First, draw out your design with a dark pen on a piece of polypropylene. In my design, I drew out a net of the shape I wanted to make with the bottom interior angles of 30 degrees like the picture above.

For the core, I will be using a small PVC pipe that fits into my design. Place the PVC pipe vertically on the polypropylene and draw a circle.

Step 3: Cut Out the Design

Next just simply use a pair of scissors to cut out the shape that was drawn. Try your best to cut it out as accurately as possible. The better the shape, the easier it is to form the mold and the core later on.

Step 4: Score and Fold the Shape

To fold the shape, we must first score it. Lightly cut the outside of the edge in which you want to fold. After you have scored every edge. Slowly fold the edges.

If a piece breaks off, don't worry, you can just tape it back.

Step 5: Tape It All Up

To ensure that the plaster doesn't leak out of the mold and that it is strong enough, we need to tape up all the edges and corners.

Step 6: Water Test

Pour water into the mold and the core to test if there are still any remaining holes. If water leaks out, there's still a hole. Go back and tape it up.

Step 7: Mix and Pour the Plaster

Mix the plaster. The ratio of water to plaster should be 2:3 which would give you plaster with the same thickness as porridge. After mixing it up pour the plaster into the mold. You shouldn't up fully. Leave some space for the core.

Step 8: Place Your Core Inside the Mold

Carefully place the core into the mold and tape it up. Don't push your core down too far or you will create a hole. Try your best not to tilt the core so that the hole goes straight down when it dries up.

Step 9: Wait...

Just give the plaster some time to dry up. You can come back and work on it the next day.

Step 10: Remove the Core and Mold

Cut the tape and remove your mold. For the core, just carefully twist and pull it out.

Congratulations! You're finished.