Introduction: Making a Portable CB Radio for Emergencies

Making a CB radio more portable will mainly involve creating the actually power source the radio will run off of. The goal is to make the power course small and portable to effectively make the radio easily stored or utilized in emergencies.

I wanted to make a smaller version of this setup. I used an emergency radio and created a battery pack for the radio to run off of outside of a vehicle.

Step 1: Getting Started

So to get started you will need a CB radio of your choice. You will also need some type of antenna for your radio.

Materials you will need:

1. A CB radio of your choice

2. An antenna of your choice

3. Three 1860 3.7 volte rechargeable batteries, these will equal 11.1 volts total

4. A basic soldering kit

5. Basic wiring, these will be used to connect the battery pack to the CB radio

6. Some plugs, pictures will be used to specify the plugs, however they can be any sort of connection as long as you have the same female and male connecters.

7. Access to a 3D printing machine, other material can be used to make the battery case

Step 2: The Next Step: Putting Everything Together

You will want to 3D print a case to hold the three batteries. A negative and positive connection at each end with wires that will simply connect to the male end of the connections you decided to use. That is really all there is to do. Either create a new female end connection for your radio or you have used the male plug needed for the female end of your desired radio. If you decide to use a 3D print then there should be a model for a case that holds three 1860 3.7 volt rechargeable batteries.

Step 3: More Pictures

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