Introduction: How to Make a Portable Photo Studio for Mobiles

Hi. In this insturctable you will learn how to make a portable photo studio from scratch for you mobile phones. It wont take much time and its very easy to build. I have made this instructable in many steps to minimize confusion so I just want that you read the entire instructable completely with patience and if you like the instructable please vote for it.

We will be making 2 things in this instructable i.e. :-

Step 1-8 - Making the stand
Step 9-11 - Making the background
Step 11-12 - Testing our equpment

Step 1: Making the Stand - 1

First off we will start by making the stand for the phone. I have seen many stands on the internet but they all were down facing. I wanted to make a tripod kind of stand, which would face forward, so I decided to make one.

To make the stand you will need :-

A thin and tall round or rectangular box (I used the box of my soldering iron)
2 waste CD's
1 brick shaped thermocol or wooden piece
A sheet of paper big enough to cover the cardboard box (optional)

Step 2: Making the Stand - 2

Cover the box with the sheet of paper (optional). Then Glue the CD's on both the ends of the box for extra support and balance like shown in the picture. Be sure to use a powerful glue which can support the weight of you phone.

Step 3: Making the Stand - 3

While the glue on the box in drying, let's get the thermocol ready. So, place your phone on the thermocole from the edge horizontally and trace it. Then cut out the traced piece of the thermocol. 

Step 4: Making the Stand - 4

Now that the box has dried up, let's glue the thermocol piece on one of the CD's with the cut part facing up like shown in the picture.
Once the Glue is dried, Voila, your stand is ready. Place your phone in the place you cut from the thermocol. You can place the phone vertically or horizontally according to your need.  While taking photos, the screen might be partially visible but the picture will be full. It is good for stable pics and selfies but it can still use some modification. 

Step 5: Modifying the Stand

Now, we will put LED's on the stand. My phone doesn't have flash so I had to use the LED's but if your phone has flash you don't need to. 

To make light system you will need:-

4 white LED's
1 9v battery
1 9v Battery clip
Soldering equipment

Step 6: Modifying the Stand - 2

The circuit is very simple and given in the photos. Make the circuit using your soldering equipment. If you prefer to have it on a perfboard you can but I made it without the perfboard so that I can bend the LED's later.
(sorry for my bad drawing)

Step 7: Modifying the Stand - 3

Stick the LED's on the CD below the thermocol and stick the battery under the CD. You can use a switch but I just use the battery's clip to switch the LED's. I used tape to stick the LED's and for the battery I used double sided foam tape. I have also added a photo of my hand with and without using the LED's in a slightly lightened room.

Step 8: Modifying the Stand - 4

Now, for down facing photos or videos. Place your phone vertically on the side of the thermocol and trace it. Cut out that piece also. Now you can take down facing photos also.
Now your Stand is Complete.

Here's a video I took with this stand |

Step 9: Making the Background

Now to the background. The background is a big white box which will serve as a white background. I have seen many tutorials for making this and finally made my own. The background idea was inspired from many tutorials.

To make the background you will need:-

A big box
A big sheet of white paper
some glue, tape a pencil, scale etc.

Step 10: Making the Background - 2

Now, we have to cover the inside of the box with white paper completely. First, measure the inside part of your box then draw it out on the white sheet like shown in the picture.

Note - We also have to cover the flaps of the box so measure them too.

Step 11: Making the Background - 3

Cut the marked paper and place it inside the box. You might have to make some minor adjustments to the paper. Now stick the edges of the paper to the box. I recommend using glue over tape because the glue will be hidden under the paper.
You can use the box vertically or horizontally. You can also add some LED's to the box.
I know that my box is a little messy. Sorry, I was in a hurry and I will upgrade it and post it as soon as I can :D

Edit : You can also cut a small hole on the top of the box to take down facing photos from your phone. I have included a pic of the hole.

You Background is complete too!!
Congratulations you are/will be a proud owner of a photo studio for your phone.
If your box is big enough the stand can fit in the box.

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Step 12: Testing Our Equipment

Here are some pics of various things I took using the stand and the background. My phone's camera is not very good so the pics aren't that much good. Under proper light and a good camera, you can click very good pics.

Edit: I have also taken some down facing pics. See them in the next step.

If you have any idea to improve this instructable, tell me so I can share it with everyone.

Step 13: Testing Our Equipment - Down Facing

Here are some Down facing pics of random things. they have a proper light source and are well illuminated.

Any suggestions and/or feedback is appreciated.

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