Introduction: Making a Pour Over Coffee

Love coffee but hate the process of making it, with these easy instruction set you can learn how to easily make one.

The supplies you will need are:


-A bamboo coffee filter

-Coffee of one's personal choice



Step 1:

Boil water to between 200℉-205℉

Step 2:

Get a #4 sized bamboo filter and fold the pleated edges so it fits snugly in the Clever Dripper

Step 3:

Use as little of the boiling water as you can to completely wet the filter sitting inside the Clever Dripper.

Step 4:

Wet the filter with a small amount of the boiling water then empty out the water.

Step 5:

Put 2 ½ tablespoons of ground coffee in the filter, give the filter 1-2 taps to create a level surface on the coffee grounds.

Step 6:

Slowly pour just enough water over the ground until all grounds are wet, let sit for 30 seconds.

Step 7:

Slowly pour water in a clockwise spiral pattern over the coffee grounds until clever dripper is a little over halfway full of water, let sit for 45 seconds.

Step 8:

Slowly pour the water over the grounds in the same motion until water reaches a quarter inch from the top.

Step 9:

Place cover over the clever dripper and let steep for 4 minutes. After 4 minutes place dripper over the mug.

Step 10: