Introduction: Making a Scratch Game

In this tutorial we are going to make a game on scratch where the player jumps around dodging red and trying to get to the end

have fun

if you have problems pls comment and vote for me :)


a computer

Step 1: Creating Variables

1st step is to create these variables

Step 2: Creating the Player

make a new sprite and call him player.

draw him however you want (i would recommend a square)

Step 3: The Code

create every thing in the picture

Step 4: Bulk of Code

next we will be creating this :)

1. create every thing in the 1st picture

2.create everything in the second picture and add the first code block to the bottom

3.create everything in the 3rd picture and add the second code block to the red arrow

Step 5: Creating the Levels

go to backdrops and make some levels.

REMEMBER: the player can only jump on black and only die on red

the photos are ideas for levels

ALSO: don't forget to have fun drawing

Step 6: Need Help?

go to explore and type in "yocookie27"

click on the project called "pro pixel" and look at how I did it

REMINDER 1: Follow me on scratch

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REMINDER 3: If you want more tutorials like this pls follow me on and give me recommendations :)

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