Making a Bola




Introduction: Making a Bola

This is how to make a sling shot.  It is not meant to kill the animal, it is meant to wrap itself around the target and immobilize it so that you can kill it with a knife or club.

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:
-about 7 feet of string
-3 rocks, about the same size and weight
-a needle
-some thread
-some strong fabric

Step 2: Wrap the Rocks in Fabric

Get a rock, and cut a 2 1/3 foot length of string.  Wrap the bottom 3 inches around the rock and tie a clinch knot to keep it there.

Step 3: Arrange the Fabric

Put the Fabric over the rock and string.

Step 4: Sew the Fabric On

Get a long length of thread on your needle and tie a few overhand knots at the end.  Sew around the  edge of the rock so that the only part unsewed is the very top with the string sticking out.  Then use the string and go through the knot many times so that it is secure.  Keep doing this until it is secure.  Then sew up the rest and tie off the thread and cut it.

Step 5: Repeat 3 Times, Bind Together

Once you have completed all 3, align the 3 rocks and bind the 3 strings together using an overhand knot about 3-4 inches from the top of the shortest string.  Cut all of the strings so that the are the same length.

Step 6: Throwing the Bola

Keep the strings untangled.  Cock back your arm.  As you bring your arm forward let go before it swings around and hits you.  
A more advanced and more effective way to throw it, is to swing the Bola around and then cast it at your target.

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    Question 2 years ago

    Instead of rocks can any balls be used for this project and if so I would like to try this as a Batman gadget

    CSI worker
    CSI worker

    7 years ago

    Good project! When u say a bola fast it sounds like ebola


    Try using a metal ball bearing, and surrounding it with a monkeys fist knot, and using 550 paracord. It would be a marked improvement.

    l like it! I've made these before out of some tennis ball pieces and their alot of fun. Although i really like that last picture the bola rarely looks like that as your spinning it. but anyways good!