Introduction: Making a Sock Monkey

Hello everybody today I am going to teach you how to make a sock monkey. The materials that you are going to need are long socks, thread, needle , stuffing, and buttons. This is very easy to make but can be time consuming . Hope you enjoy and have fun!


-long socks




- buttons

Step 1: Start

Th first thing to do is gather your supplies . The supplies that I am using are from Walmart ( The stuffing and the thread) , and Costco (The socks) .

The second thing that I did was flip one of my socks inside out , and cut it down the middle from the opposite side of the toe stopping at around the middle of the sock. The longer you cut the longer the monkeys legs will be.

Then you will need to sew the legs together if you own a sewing machine that will do the job, but personally I sewed everything together by hand. Make sure to leave a spot in the monkeys crotch so that you can stuff it afterwards.

Then take the sock and flip it back the right side out, and stuff it with the stuffing. Make sure to be pretty generous when stuffing so that the monkey can take it's shape.

When you are done stuffing the body of the monkey it's time to sew the crotch closed so that that stuffing stays in the body.

Step 2: Body Parts

Now it is time to take your second sock this is where all of the body parts come from, and you are going to need to flip it inside out too.If you need to you can use a marker to draw out an idea of where you are going to cut the parts that you cut are going to be the arms ,tail, the Musial, and the ears, make sure that you use a marker that will not soak through to the other side of the sock. Then you are going to start to cut on the lines that you drew on the sock, make sure not to cut the folding lines this way it will make it easier to sew later.

Step 3: Sew It Together

Now you are going to need to sew the the parts together first I did the Musial ,the tail ,and then the arms and ears. sew each art of the monkey together so that they look like tubes but make sure to leave a spot in the top so that you can stuff them. Using these pictures as a reference sew each part to the appropriate part of the body on your monkey. when stuffing them like the body make sure to be kind of generous to make sure that they take their place. When sewing the limbs on make sure to do this properly and take your time so that they wont fall off when force is applied.

Step 4: Eyes

Last but not least you are going to pick two buttons and sew them onto the face. Then you are done hope you enjoy your sock monkey!!!