Introduction: Making a Spare Bitwriter Cable.

I recently bought a bitwriter for dei alarms. I enjoy using it to tweak settings on alarm I'm installing. It came with a spare cable but the end for the viper module I am working on is 3 pin jst and not 4 pin. The higher end alarm systems by DEI use a 4pin jst.

Here is how I quickly made a spare programming cable in 15 minutes.

Step 1: Extra 4 Pin Jst.

Here is the spare 4 pin jst and the spare cable that came with the bitwriter.

Step 2: Removing the Jst Connector.

I used a safety pin to press in the metal tabs that hold the lugs in the jst plastic connector. Sliding the lugs out I'm ready to make a new 4 pin jst.

Step 3: Making the New End.

The first pic of the red 4pin jst is the correct connector that plugs into the viper module installed in the car. Following the color coding and orientation carefully, I slotted the lugs back in. I made sure to pull up the depressed tabs on each lug before sliding into the plastic jst connector.

Step 4: Coloring.

To avoid confusion I colored the new jst in red. The male jst in the viper module is also red.

Step 5: Completion!

Now my Handy bitwriter has a new spare cable! I will actually permanently install this cable into a car.