Introduction: Making a Split Initial, Last Name Sign

About: Hi my name is David, I like to make things out of Wood, also like to take things apart and fixed them.

This week I made myself a Split Initial with Last name sign. I have been wanting to make something like this for sometime. So I will try my best, to show how to make this. Sometimes it is hard to write down instructions on how to do certain things, that's why I have included the video. I myself can watch someone or video, and make more sense of it.

You will need the following:

CNC Router, I used the X-Carve CNC

Cad/Cam Program, I used Vectric Aspire

Red Oak wood 15" long x 7 1/4" wide x 3/4" thick

90* V-Bit

1/8" Endmill Bit

Clear Gloss Lacquer

Paint brush

Minwax Golden Oak Stain

Black craft paint

Sander with 220 grit sand paper

Rustoluem Clear Gloss Finish

Sawtooth hanger

Tack rag

Step 1: Design

First thing I done was choose a font for my Initial, I choose Adobe Caslon Pro Bold. Then I created a box for the last name. Created a couple of lines, above and below the box. Then used the trim tool to edit the vectors.

Check the video out, for more detail instructions.

Step 2: Add Toolpaths

I then switched to the Toolpath side, first doing a V-Carve with a 90* V-Bit on my last name. Then done a V-Carve with a flat depth of .08 inches deep, using a 90* V-Bit and a 1/8" Endmill. Done a profile toolpath for the lines, on the vectors. Then preview all the toolpaths, to see what it should look like.

Watch the video for more details.

Step 3: Carve

Next I installed my piece of Red Oak, in the CNC router and carved.

Step 4: Apply Lacquer

Then I applied a coat of clear Lacquer over the lettering, after doing some light sanding in the lettering.

Let the Lacquer dry for a hour or two, before continuing.

Step 5: Paint

Now you can paint the lettering, I used Black craft paint with a small brush.

Note because we used the Lacquer, we don't have too worry about getting outside of the lines.

Let the paint dry overnight before continuing.

Step 6: Sand

Now sand over the entire piece until it looks good. Also sand the edges of the board. Then blow off with a air hose.

Step 7: Stain

After wiping down piece with a Tack cloth, I stain the Red Oak, with Golden Oak stain. Let the stain set for about 10 minutes, the wipe off the excess.

Now allow the stain to dry overnight

Step 8: Finish

Now spray a couple coats of clear.

Note to get a real good finish, apply a couple coats at first, let that dry for a couple of days, then lightly sand with 220 grit sand paper, and apply another coat.

Step 9: Hardware

Now I installed a Sawtooth hanger on back for easy hanging.

Step 10: Enjoy

Now hang up your sign and enjoy. I hope you like this Instructable, and hope you learned something from it.

Thanks for checking it out.