Introduction: Making a Sturdy Cous Cous Salad

Healthy, tasty, & it keeps well in the fridge.

Step 1: Chop the "wet" Veggies

The trick to getting a salad that isn't soggy is to chop & salt your water dense veggies & let them sit for a few hours to draw out the moisture.  Scoop the seeds out of your cucumber before you slice it.

Step 2: Make the Cous Cous

Boil water or broth & add any spices that excite you.  I used curry powder, cumin, & red chili.  At the boil, add the cous cous, stir so that there aren't any dry pockets, cover & let stand.  Let it stand off the burner for 5 minutes & then fluff with a fork.

Step 3: Chop the "dry" Veggies

I'm using celery & radishes, but you can throw in anything that makes you happy.

Step 4: Chop & Juice the Aromatics

Lemon, olives, & parsley.

Step 5: A Personal Favorite...Roasted Anaheim Pepper

Broil for a few minutes, chop, toss it in the pot.

Step 6: Finish With a Little Olive Oil & More Spices

Stir it all up, add a splash of oil, pepper, curry, turmeric, garlic.  Let is sit & talk to itself in the fridge for a few hours before serving.