Introduction: Making a Sweet Hot Paradise

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Tofillspare time,wecanbymakingafoodrecipethatis easyanddelicioustasteof theingredientsofchili,salt,sugar,slices of apples and mangoes..Foodthat tastesspicysweetandverytasty,thefoodIgive it a name:SweetHotParadise. Let's try.

Step 1: Preparing the Ingredients and Kitchen Appliance

The Ingredients:

3 pieces of
7 slices of apple
9 slices of mango
1/2 tea spoon of salt
3 tea spoon of sugar
tip of atablespoon of yellow food colouring powder

The Kitchen appliance:

a knife, a spoon, a bowl and a widt plate

Step 2: How to Make It

mangoandappleslicessoakinsugarwaterfor adayand  cut
chilli into small pieces put in bowl filled with sugar water and add salt and stir until evenly

Step 3: Let's Enjoy It !!!

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