Introduction: Making a Table From Trafficsign for Under 10€

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Today, I am going to show you how to bulid a simple, cheap side table from a traffic sign. I found my sign on the garbage.

Step 1:

-plywood (40x40cm)

- traffic sign (also 40x40cm)

-8 angle bracets - 4 wooden strip (mine is 3,8x5,8x50cm)


- drill (for metall and wood)

-saw (you can also cut it in your local hardware store)

- sanding machine or sandpaper to smooth the legs

-clamps (i used regular and spring clamps)

Step 2: Drilling in the Sign

I drilled 2 holes on each corner of my sign, i used a size 4 drill bit

Step 3: Filing Down the Ecess Metal

I used a file to remove the metal that popped out caused by the drilling

Step 4: Screwing the Sign to the Tabletop

I used clamps to hold everything in place and to avoid the sign from slipping of.
Mine didnt turn out perfectly but it gets the job done

Step 5: Attaching Angle Brackets

I used 2 differently sized angle brackets for the legs. I predrilled holes for the screws.

Step 6: Attaching the Legs

I screwed the legs on to the base

Step 7: Sanding

I used sandpaper to smooth the legs

Step 8: Finishing Up

I sticked felt furniture glides on the bottom of the legs. Now the table wont scratch the floors

Step 9: The Final Product

Here you go! The finished side table