Introduction: Making a Virtual Drawing With Software

This is for beginners (otherwise more attention to detail would have been incorporated).

I am using the example of a Wheels Base Plate.

Step 1: Step One

Begin by loading up your Inventor Software.

Step 2: Step Two

In the "Get Started" tab, Select New.

Step 3: Step Three

Under Templates, Select English, and then under Drawing, "ANSI (in).dwg will be the drawing file to select. When selected, click Create to establish.

Step 4: Step Four

Under Drawing 1, right click on Sheet:1 to then click "Edit Sheet".

Step 5: Step Five

In the new window, under Size will be a drop down box where you will select size B rather than D. Select OK when done.

Step 6: Step Six

Under Place Views tab, select Base to choose the previously modeled part you wish to model.

Step 7: Step Seven

Select "open an existing file", select your desired file, and click Open.

Step 8: Step Eight

Scale the part to better fit the page (while keeping in mind that you will need additional space for three additional views).

Step 9: Step Nine

Click and drag the object to its first position (being a frontal view).

Step 10: Step Ten

Glide your cursor from the object over and click to establish its additional side view.

Step 11: Step Eleven

Again, glide cursor from the first view up and and then click to establish that view (Top view).

Step 12: Step Twelve

For this last view (isometric view), glide your cursor between your two other views and click to finalize.

Step 13: Step Thirteen

Press OK on the open window and finalize all views.

Step 14: Step Fourteen

Right click on the isometric view drawing view and and click edit view.

Step 15: Step Fifteen

Under the Style section, select the shaded button command, and then click OK.

Step 16: Step Sixteen

Under the Annotate tab, Select Text command.

Step 17: Step Seventeen

Move your cursor down to the title box in the bottom right and click to prompt text box.

Step 18: Step Eighteen

Type in the title you want that pertains to the part you're modeling and then select OK.

*Keep in mind that you can also add an additional text box explaining your organization and/or your name in the box above the title box.

Step 19: Step Nineteen

Under the File tab, save the drawing to desired place.

Step 20: Step Twenty

For the purpose of sharing this work virtually, under the File tab, select Export, and then PDF. Select save in the promoting window do desired location.