Introduction: Making a Whale Toothpick Holder

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I made this toothpick holder. It has three parts. To separate the color of top and bottom, I used two different wood. And I use a dowel to connect two pieces.

Step 1: Material& Tools


Beech / white oak

Hand tool:

File / coping saw / sandpaper

Power tool;

drill press/ bandsaw/


Mineral oil

Step 2: Drill the Holes

There are three holes in the top piece. The largest one is 35mm and it's for holding the toothpick. The 8mm one is for the dowel connection. The 3mm one on the top allows just a single tooth pick go through.

Step 3: Shape the Top Piece

I used the bandsaw and coping saw for shaping the piece.

Step 4: Shape the Top Piece2.0

I used a chisel and file to refine the shape.

Step 5: Make the Bottom Piece

I used a bandsaw to cut the bottom piece to the right thickness. The two holes in it should be aligned with the top piece and had the same diameter.

Step 6: Shape the Bottom Piece

I used a pencil to trace the shape of the top piece to the bottom. Then shape it just like the top piece.

Step 7: CUt the Mouth and Make the Eye of the WHALE

Step 8: Finish the Piece With Mineral Oil

Step 9: DONE!