Introduction: Making a Wooden Ring

Rings are great, but what if you don't either have the money to buy or the knowledge to make your own silver or gold rings. You could go with plastic, but if you really want to create something which stands out I would suggest looking at more natural materials, materials such as wood.

Let's get started!


Hardwood, such as briarwood
Softwood, birch, pine, whatever you can get hold of
Wood glue
Mineral oil, or other oil which apt for finishing wood such as linseed oil



Belt sander

Sand paper, Micro-Mesh sandpaper is optional

Now, there are many ways to skin a cat, because of that the bandsaw could be replaced with a regular wood saw and the belt sander with regular sand paper. The lathe is a bit trickier to replace, but possibly you could skip that altogether and drill out a center hole in the rink blank, and file down the outside by hand. It will take considerable time as the wood is very hard, and will likely not look as neat, but is entirely doable.

Hope you find this instructable useful, happy ring-making!