Making a Work Bench From a Recycled Pepsi/Coke Barrel

Introduction: Making a Work Bench From a Recycled Pepsi/Coke Barrel

Since I live in an apartment and I have a finished basement, I need a place to do my project work. That means I have to work in my tiny 10x10 backyard. Since Ohio isn't known for being the sunniest state in the Union, I have to have a place where I can store my spray painted projects and let them dry without fear of getting wet and to store some of my messier cans of solvents and such.

My quick and recycled project idea, a small work bench/spray paint/storage area.

Step 1: Materials

First, where do you get a plastic 55 gallon syrup barrel? These are widely available from just about any soda bottling company. I was sold mine for $5 from a Pepsi bottling plant. They are only allowed to use them once and they end up having to pay to have the shredded, so many of these places are more than happy to give them away. I think these things are great and I have a ton of ideas for these cheap and widely available tools. (If you are so inclined they make for excelent water storage)

One plastic 55 gallon soda syrup barrel
Two 2x2 sheets of plywood
Two sets of hinges c screws
One doorknob
Four wood screws
Four sections of a 2x4
Weather Striping

Safety Glasses
Jig Saw
Measuring tape
String or twine
Tack or pushpin

Step 2: Marking the Barrel for the Storage Door

1. Flip the barrel so the bung holes are face down on the ground (Heheheh I said bung hole)

2. Measure and mark out with a sharpie a door using the seam of the barrel as a straight edge and reference point. I made mine 12 x 18 inches.

3. Drill holes at the four corners of the door. This is so you can get the jig saw blade into the plastic.

Step 3: Cutting Out the Door.

4. Using your jigsaw cut out the door. The plastic is suprisingly easy to cut.

Step 4: Finishing the Door.

5. Sand the edge of the door and the edge of the door frame.

6. Attach the hinges to the outside of the door.

7. Attach the doornob to the door

8. Attach the door to the body of the barrel

Step 5: Make the Working Deck

9. Prime and spray paint the 2x2 top deck

10. Affix the 2x2 to the barrel. make sure the Bung Holes are pointing toward the ground.

Step 6: Make the Storage Deck

11. Measure the inside of the particular barrel to fit the 2x2 storage deck.

12. Draw an X from corner to corner of the 2x2 to find the midpoint.

13. Tie a pencil to a piece of string and measure out half the distance from step 11.

14. Tack the sting to the midpoint and use the pencil to mark out the correct dimentions.

15. Cut out with a jig saw.

16. Cut four pieces of 2x4 to the height you want your storage deck.

17. Put the pieces in the bottom first, the put the deck in and screw them into the deck.

Step 7: Finishing Up

18. Put the weatherstriping around the door.

19. Unscrew the bungs to make sure if you do get water it drains out, drill a few holes in the bottom to make sure there is no low are for any water to collect if any happens to get in.

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    Eye Poker
    Eye Poker

    14 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! These giant barrels just get thrown out or shredded, so why not go down and pick a couple up. There are so many possibilities with them. I'm hoping a friend of mine will be able to pick a few up for us to try and make a a square foot garden out of them. this spring. Heck we even have been talking about putting a few together to try an make a makeshift raft with nothing more than a few barrels and some rope.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Pretty good deal for Pepsi, either they pay for disposal or charge you to take it. I might be inclined to go get a few if they were genuinely free. By the way you said it was a syrup barrel, was it difficult to clean out? Soda syrup I'd imagine is pretty sticky stuff.