Introduction: Making a Workbench for $20

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This project only takes ONE sheet of plywood.

Ok, maybe it wasn't EXACTLY $20.. but $20.54.. sorry. But this is a trick I've used a few times, Find some plywood at your local home goods store thats got some defects / scratches / chips and offer to take them off their hands for a discount. Chances are you can get them pretty cheap.

This is super simple project, but if you think plans will help you, I made a set available on my website.

Step 1: Breaking Down Sheet Goods

This is always fun, I like to use a combination of track saw / circular saw to break it down into smaller more manageable sheets. A little trick here is to use a piece of hard foam insulation under the saw so it supports the sheet on both sides and prevents binding.

Step 2: Tablesaw Time

Finalizing all the sizes on the tablesaw, there was a lot of 4in strips cut! I like to use those board buddies to keep the plywood up against the fence. Saves time and is more safe!

Step 3: Drilling Lots of Pocket Holes

To keep it simple I used pocket holes for this project. I added 4 pockets for each leg and 2 for each corner of the top and bottom support.

If you like that Kreg Pocket hole station, I have a plan for that too.. <-- Always selling lol

Step 4: Gluing Up the Legs

This is a super simple leg design that you can't really get wrong. Both sides are 4in so just glue it up and sink in those pocket holes.

This is also a good time to sand before you assemble the whole thing.

* Note that you only need 4 legs... I made 2 benches :D

Step 5: Assembly

You can put the top and bottom support anywhere you want, but I those to make them both exactly the thickness of the plywood. This will allow for a flush top when it's all put together.

Step 6: Fully Assembled, Adding Wallcontrol

This is totally optional but I added my Wall Control kit to the side and it fit perfect! Almost like I built it to fit :D

Step 7: Add Tools!

I built mine for my new Powder coating room. Added a few mats to the top and floor as well. I actually think this made the room look brighter. haha.

Like always thanks for checking out this Instructable.. reach out if you have any questions!

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