Introduction: Making a Working Minecraft Theater (works)

Making a minecraft theater is harder than it looks, but if you do it right and put the repeaters on the right tick it'll work


You will need Command blocks by putting this command in /give ("user") command_block then it will say given #1 command block to ("user") and you will need these items to repeaters, (pen and paper (optional) and the colors of your choice now you can get colors for your frame to and I recomend making a space under your theater once you make your theater wall and your tv with the size of your choice the TV can,t be in the wall it has to be on the wall.

Step 1: This Is Just the Turning Off Part

First like I said make the frame then fill the rest with black concrete because it's the darkest Then go to the back side and then copy the frame and the black concrete to make it look the same this will be your turn off button then go to the bottom space that you made put a button on one side and a sign that says off button or turn off tv and then put a command block behind it with a repeater behind the command block tick three and put clone ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ the first three is the start of what you want it to clone the second three is for the end of what you what it to clone then the last three is the destination but beware you need to put the coordinates on the bottom right side not any other side just the coordinates on the bottom right then when you press the button it,ll turn black if it isn't already .

Step 2: This Is the Frame Part

This is where you make the frame light up with glowstone you will need glowstone and black concrete but first expand the bottom part where you put your frames/pictures on now this isn,t the movie yet that'll be in step 3 now do the same thing you did with the turning off part except make a second button that says turn on TV or start movie and put a repeater with tick three then put tons of repeaters behind it skipping 1 block each for the command blocks and when you reach the end make the repeaters curve ok now put the command blocks in the empty spaces and go to the top where you make the frames/pictures and make the frame then put glowstone in each corner and put black concrete on each side of the glowstone then make it expand two blocks every frame/picture until it's filled with black concrete and glowstone and don't forget to put the coordination in

Step 3: The Movie

You probably know what to do already so ya expand the amount of frames you need check the coordination then the destination and put it in the command blocks but first make the frame and the picture and viola a movie theater. If you didn't follow it correctly or didn't understand put it in the comments below