Introduction: Making a Bamboo Pot Scrubber

There are always ways to make life easier - like dishes. Who doesn't want to make dishes easier?

Removing excess stuck on food from dishes is one of those things which just makes washing dishes 1000 times easier. Recently, I discovered that there was a tool out there called a bamboo pot scrubber, specifically designed for this purpose! Though, up in the Yukon shipping usually takes a couple of weeks to arrive so I decided to make one myself instead.

The added bonus is it's very easy to make, and very inexpensive! Isn't it great when it works out like that for something you will likely use often? Simple things make me happy!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

This is a fairly easy and inexpensive project. You may even have these things around the house already.


  • 100 Bamboo skewers (easy to find at a dollar store)
  • 2-3 Elastic bands

Step 2: Latch It Together

To latch your skewers together, I recommend you use at least two elastic bands.

  1. First, hold the 100 bamboo skewers tightly in one hand as you attach your first elastic with the other. You will want to wrap the elastic on twice (or more depending on how long your elastic is - it should be on snugly).
  2. Slide this elastic about 3 inches from the bottom (flat part of the skewers).
  3. Next, grab the second elastic and as above, attach the second elastic band, twisting it on twice (or more, until your elastic is holding tightly).
  4. Slide this elastic along the skewers until it is approximately 3/4 inches from the bottom (flat side) of the skewers.
  5. Admire your new creation! Now you can go and scrub dishes to your hearts content, using the pointy side to gently persuade the stuck on bits to move elsewhere.


  • You will know your elastic bands are tight enough (or that you have used enough elastic bands) when you squeeze the bamboo skewers they bounce back into their circular formation.
  • You can upgrade your pot scrubber by choosing to use wire instead of elastic bands. Make sure it is wrapped tightly!

Enjoy using your new pot scrubber!