Introduction: Making a Chocolate Quarter Mold With Sugru

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Making Chocolate Coins with Sugru

The holidays are here, and a fun tradition for the winter is to make Chocolate coins. I happen to like making coins from real coins, and Sugru makes it easy and fun to make a copy. Sugru is great as a molding compound, since it's heat stable to 180C and safe enough to use as a chocolate mold.

What you'll need:

  • One mini packet of Sugru per coin
  • A coin. I find that American Quarters work best, but you can also use a canadian Looney, British Pound coin, or whatever fits your fancy.
  • Some PAM, Crisco, or similar cooking spray to use as a mould release compound.
  • Chocolate! I like Hersheys and Toblerone personally, but any hard chocolate will do.
  • Aluminum Foil

Step 1: Preparing Your Mould

First, take your foil and fold it into a square roughly twice the size of the coin. This will be the stable base for our mould, and how we'll keep chocolate from getting everywhere.

Now, open the Sugru packet, and roll and knead it a few times to activate it, then make a small ball.

Step 2: Making the Impression

Take the ball, and flatten it into a disc just a bit larger than the coin you want to make an impression of.

Put the disc down on the foil, and flatten it. I used a sharpie marker, but any smooth cylindrical thing will do.

Spray the oil onto the coin, and spread it around lightly with your finger. Make sure it's covered thinly and evently with the oil or it will be very difficult to extract the coin afterwards!

Place the coin onto the disc, starting with one edge first to discourage bubbles. Press the coin firmly and carefully into the disc, keeping it flat.

Using your finger, run it along the outside to shape the sides of the mould against the side of the coin.

Now .. for the hard part.

Waiting 24 hours.

Step 3: Mint Chocolate Money!

When the mould is cured (about 24 hours later).. bend it very gently and remove the coin. You should see a perfect impression of the coin! Congratulations.

Melt a bit of chocolate in the microwave, or on the stove in a double boiler. It doesn't take much to make a coin, just a teaspoonful or so per coin.

Before you make a chocolate coin, wash your mould with a little soap and water, and rinse well.

Spray the mould with a little crisco/pam/spray oil, and spread the oil to coat.

Pour in enough chocolate to fill the mould, and then put it in the fridge for 5 minutes. The chocolate will harden, and have a perfect impression of the coin!

(When I'm done making my holiday coins, I'll add some pictures of the finished product to tease you all!)