Introduction: Making a Customizable Paper Tie.

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This kind of a cool idea if you need a different tie for different occasions that is disposable. Another neat thing is that paper is cheap. it only takes i think 9 pages (could be compressed) to print out the tie. No sewing required. Folded the tie backwards to let you kind of see how it goes together.

Step 1: What's Needed:

Step 2:

You will want to print out pages 3-11 for each tie part,

Step 3: Cut Out Time.

Before you start cutting, you might want to take an erasable pencil and write in the letters of each piece to be cut out.
Cut out each of the one or more shapes on the nine pages.

Step 4: Tape the Pieces Together.

Tape the pieces together according to the pdf instructions.

Step 5: The Big Fold.

Seems like a clown's tie at this point. With the tie all taped together using an imaginary line to split the tie long ways, fold the outer edges toward the center. The printed side should be facing upi and will be covered up with this fold.
Tape the two sides together.

Step 6: Done.