Introduction: Making a Gear Box for a Wind Turbine

Instructables how to turn a drill bit into a gear box for a wind turbine

For this i used:
- Block of nylon
- hand held drill 

- Lathe
- Vernier caliper (slide gauge)
- CNC milling machine (depend son drill could just use a lathe) 

Step 1:

Use a Vernier caliper (slide gauge) to measure the dimensions of the gears, chuck, motor and other components

The dimensions I got for mine are show

Step 2: Step 2 - the Drive Shaft

The drill I used had a drive shaft attached to a kind of head,  this had an odd profile so I drew around it with and then scanned it into solid works. Once in solid works I used sketch points and spline tool to draw round the outline.
After this I saved it as an SLMD so I could use it on the CNC machine

Step 3: Step 3 - Cutting Part

To cut the odd shape for the head I used a CNC machine and the SLMD file

The other parts to hold the motor and the gears were made using a metal lathe

The end result looked similar to this