Introduction: Making a Laser-cut Back Scratcher!

So I've been recently been getting these itches in Exactly the place where my puny little human arms can't reach. I was thinking about buying one, but I wanted to practice using the vector software and laser-cutting, so why not make one myself? In my case, I made it at Techshop!

Step 1: Collect Your Materials

​You'll need at the very least:
- material your making your back scratcher with, such as wood, acrylic, etc
- laser cutter
- some adhesive to hold the layers together and make sure your adhesive is able to bond the material your making your back scratcher out of

Step 2: Design Your Back Scratcher

So basically here you design how you want your scratcher to be shaped. Since we're using a laser cutter you'll need to think of the layers that will make up your scratcher, as well as making sure you don't make parts too thin so that they end up breaking when your vigorously getting rid of that itch.

Now the cool thing here is that if you use slicing software, you can technically take any 3D model like a Dragon's Claw, slice it into layers, laser cut it into your material, and now you got a totally awesome laser cut Dragon's Claw back scratcher! Here's the instructable for slicing 3D models for laser cutting:

*Tips: Somethings I didn't consider with my original design was that this is actually too Thick (lol) to the point where it'll be hard to get under your shirt to get to that pesky itch (wood and acrylic is pretty strong 1/2 inch wide of 1/8inch thick plywood is more than enough). Also see that upper-left tip of the back scratcher in this design? It needs to be beveled off otherwise it'll catch on your clothes. You'll see me make the updates as we progress.

Step 3: Updating Design

Like I said earlier, I made this too thick. Unfortunately I already used the laser cutter to give it one pass over the plywood, so I had to improvise instead of just readjusting my design. I like to call this the Bob Ross approach "There are no mistakes, only more back scratchers."

Step 4: Laser Cutting!

Fire up that laser cutter, upload your design, and Burn baby burn!

Step 5: Remove Pieces and Arrange Them

Like the title says, take out everything from the laser cutter, clean it up, and arrange the layers from top to bottom.

Step 6: Adhesive Time

Now take your first layer and put some adhesive on it. Then put the next layer on top of it, press down to set it in place, then place more adhesive and repeat until all the layers are glued together.

Step 7: Final Steps

After you have it all assembled, you'll want to squeeze all the layers together, so that the glue spreads out and you don't end up with spaces between each layer.

I had C-clamps available, but you can also just stack some books/weight right on top of the layers.

Step 8: So Close! Filing That Top-left Tip

So I gave my back scratcher a whirl, but it kept getting caught on my shirt. That's when I realized, I needed to bevel down that top-left corner, so that's something to really keep in mind in your design. If you decide to laser cut a dragon claw back scratcher, it will need to be relatively smooth on the side facing your clothes.

Step 9: AAAAaaaah Sweet Relief

Now revel in the joy of your very own custom designed back scratcher. This is your back scratcher and there isn't another one like it!