Introduction: Making a Portable Silent Air Gun BB/Pellet Trap

This "Silent" Pellet Trap is beautiful, durable, functional and long-lasting. Strongly-constructed, it stops and catches pellets fired from your air guns without the noisy, annoying clang of a metal trap. So you can shoot air guns indoors or out without disturbing family or neighbors!     

This pellet trap is easy to set-up and fast to use. You have no additional costs with this pellet trap once you have the trap and Duct Seal! There is no need to continually buy targets, cardboard backers and replacement impact putty, just download your targets and print them at home using your own printer. The duct seal  adheres to the back of the trap and stays in place through continued use.

It's safe. This trap stops pellets even from high-powered .22 caliber air rifles and catches them safely in its huge internal pellet reservoir. This avoids pellets bouncing out of the trap onto the floor, where they could present a safety risk to small children and pets.  This design is based on the one created by Joe Matusic, MD which has been used for years by hundreds of serious air gunners.

Step 1: Making a Portable “Silent” Airgun BB/Pellet Trap

Step 1 -  Assemble the components.  You will need:

One – 12”x12” Catch Basin Kit
Six  - 1 lb. plugs of Duct Seal putty
Four – 6/32” x ¾” machine screws
Four – 6/32” flat washers
Four -  6/32” machine nuts
One – 6 in. metal  pull type door handle
Two -  1-1/4 in. Phillips head wood screws
Two – Wire nuts

Step 2 – Assemble the Tools that you will need:

Phillips head screw driver drill bit to fit the wood screws
Flat head screw driver to fit the machine screws
Pliers  (to tighten the wire nuts and machine nuts)
Scissors (to cut the plastic wrapper from the duct seal)
Pencil (to mark the clipboard for cutting)
Miter saw (to cut the clipboard)
Electric Drill with a 1/8 in. bit (for machine screw holes)

Step 2: Making a Portable “Silent” Airgun BB/Pellet Trap

Step 3 – Construct the trap:

A.   Remove the two screws from the Polyolefin top grate of the kit, and the top grate.  Keep these aside for future use.
B.   Attach the two universal outlets to the outside of the basin per Kit instructions.
C.   Scribe a pencil line parallel to the top edge of the clipboard at 2 in. below that edge.
D.   Using the miter saw, cut that line, save the bottom of the clipboard.
E.Place the basin on its side, so that the outlets form a “T”.  Center the top of the clipboard inside the top edge of the basin and using the pencil, scribe two dots where the wood screw will be drilled through to attach the clip.
F.   Use the Electric Drill with the Phillips head driver bit to drive the wood screws through the clipboard top and attach it to the Basin.
G.   Cap the wood screws  tip that extends outside the basin with the wire nuts.  Tighten by hand, then use the pliers to tighten until the wire nuts are fully seated.
H.   Position the Metal Door Pull in a place that provides the best position to carry the finished pellet trap.
I.   Drill the four holes using the electric drill with the 1/8 in. bit.
J.   Place a flat washer on the machine screws, and using the flat head screw driver, drive them into place. Hand tighten the machine nuts on each of the machine screws, tighten by hand, then use the pliers to tighten the nuts until they are fully seated.
K.   Turn the basin right-side up. Remove the plastic protective cover from one plug of the Duct Seal putty.  Leave the protective paper in place. Position the plug in one corner, and tight against one side of the basin bottom.  Use that paper to press the putty on the bottom, securing it in place.  Repeat this for the opposite side of the bottom.  Repeat this for two inner plugs.  All four plugs should be parallel, and touching.  Rotate one plug 90 degrees, and place it in the remaining  bottom right side corner.  Cut the final plug in half, and place it in the remaining location on the bottom left.  Press the putty of the last two plugs into place.

Step 3: Making a Portable “Silent” Airgun BB/Pellet Trap

Step 4 – Your portable “Silent” BB/Pellet Trap is now ready for use.

Place a paper target into the clipboard clip. (If using regular paper instead of card stock, you might want to attach a small paper clamp to the bottom corners to keep the target from blowing in the wind.) Position the trap in front of an appropriate backstop, at the proper height for shooting.   Step back 10 meters (33 ft), and enjoy your silent pellet trap.
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