Pull Tab Firework Igniter

Introduction: Pull Tab Firework Igniter

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A pull tab igniter to light fireworks quickly and safely.

the idea came when my brother said to me "all you need to do is add a pull pin like a granade to your bangers"

I wanted to make something that is

A) cheep
B) easy to make
C) wont burn me when i use it.

this is inspired by a pull igniter I saw them use on Mythbusters on the bomb range.

SAFETY NOTE: DO NOT construct this attached to a firework, if it goes off by accident so will the firework.

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need the following.....

standard paper (A4 80gsm white)

Strike Anywhere matches (Swan Vestas)

Coarse Sand Paper ( I used p60)

Masking tape

Visco Fuse AKA Cannon fuse

Step 2: Setting Up the Matches

Cut a piece of visco fuse about 4 inches long

take enough matches to surround the fuse and tape them in place around the fuse making sure the match heads are at the end of the fuse.

makesure you tape the matches to the fuse so they dont move, nice and tight.

Step 3: Wrapping the Strike Pad

Now you need to cut a bit of sandpaper about and inch wide and long enough to wrap round all the matches and over lap slightly

Its important to do this slowly and carfully, you dont want to set the matches off accidently.

line up edge of the sand paper with the match heads so that the rest is facing down the length of the matches

now slowly roll the sand paper around the matches and tape it in place, making sure you only put tape on the sand paper it shouldnt be taped to the fuse or matches so it can slide off if pulled, also the sand paper should be as tight as possible around the matches, be careful not to light the matches by accident.

now it would work if we just pulled the sand paper sleeve off but you would likely burn your hand so we need to add some sleeves to keep you from burning your hand.

Step 4: First Sleeve, the Pull Tab

the first sleeve we need to make is actually the pull tap sleeve

cut a strip of paper as long as the width of the sheet of paper and about  2 inches wide.

line up the back edge of the paper strip around the middle of the sand paper tube, add  little tape to hold it in place and roll in nice and tightly in to a tube.

tape the paper tube in place, and tape it to the sand paper tube securly.

flatten the end of the paper tube and tape it flat, this will be our pull tab.

Step 5: Hold Sleeve

now we can make the last sleeve, this will be used so we can hold on to the igniter, it will also act as a shield for your hand when it ignites.

cut another strip of paper as long as the width of the sheet of paper, and about 2-3 inches wide.

now this is important, make sure the edge of the paper is past the point where the match heads will be, this has 2 purposes, 1. it  protects your hand when it ignites and 2. it acts as a wind break so the matches dont go out.

roll the paper in to a tube and tape the tube together, taking care not to tape it to the other sleeve.

then fold the back of the tube in to a point around the fuse and tape it in place, as well as taping it securely to the fuse.

you should now have about half an inche of fuse poking out the end.

and that is your igniter done.

Step 6: Using the Igniter

to use the igniter

1) hold the hold tube at the back firmly

2) firmly hold the pull tab

3) pull firmly and sharply down away from the fuse

4) let go of the igniter.

the fuse will now be lit

to use this with a firework simply over lap the half inch of fuse with the fuse of your firework and using masking tape, tape them together.

Note: the igniter is not water proof, it will take a little drizzle but not a lot of water.

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