Introduction: Making a Ringtone on a Galaxy Nexus From a YouTube Video.

Modern smartphones can do all sorts of cool things, one of them is their ability to play music. Phones have been able to play custom ringtones for years, but now it can be done with any song you want, and for free. This is a set of instructions on how to take one of your favorite songs from YouTube and make it a ringtone for your Galaxy Nexus. The process will be virtually identical for any Android phone running version 4.0 or higher. If you are unsure of this, go to your system settings, and click "About phone". Look for "Android Version." If it is 4.0 or higher, this tutorial will work for you.

This tutorial has two sections. Steps 1 to Step 3 will show you how to get an MP3 from YouTube. If you already have an MP3 file of the song you would like to make your ringtone, skip to Step 4

-Internet Access (to access YouTube)
-Galaxy Nexus
-USB cable (to connect your phone to the computer)

Step 1: Find a Video on YouTube

We will use a site that converts a YouTube video into an audio mp3 file. You can use any video you would like, however, the shorter the better, as a ringtone will only play the first 60 seconds before it loops to the beginning.

Find a video on YouTube that you would like to use. When you have found a video you like, highlight the URL in the Address bar. Copy the link.

Step 2: Convert the Video to an MP3

Next, open a new window or tab in your internet browser. Go to

Paste your link into the large box on the front page, and click "Convert" This site will convert your video into an MP3 file that you can download.

Step 3: Download File

Once the process is finished, click the button that says "Download the file". Depending on how your computer is set up, the file could go to multiple places. Most of the time, however, it goes to your "Downloads" folder. You can find this going to "My Computer" and going to "Downloads"

Step 4: Plug Your Phone Into the Computer

Now we are ready to transfer the file to your phone. If you have an MP3 file other than the one we converted from YouTube, this is where you start.

Now plug phone into the computer

Step 5: Navigate to Your Phone Storage

When you plug your phone into the computer, it will automatically install drivers. Once that finishes, you will need to navigate to the where we will put your MP3 file. Go to "My Computer", and click on "Galaxy Nexus". You should get to a point as shown above. Click on "Internal Storage" 

This is where all the files for your phone are stored.

Step 6: Make "Ringtone" Folder

Once you get to the "Internal Storage", we will be making a folder called "Ringtones". This is where the phone looks for custom ringtones. If your phone already has a pre-made folder, you can skip this step. Otherwise, click "New Folder" and name it to "Ringtones"

Step 7: Moving the File Over

Now it's time to copy the ringtone over. Go to the folder where the MP3 you downloaded is located, most likely in the "Downloads" folder. Drag that folder over to the "Ringtones" folder that you created. The file will now begin to copy

If a pop up box like the one below shows up, click "yes". Don't worry the file will work just fine! This is just part of how the Android system works.

Step 8: Applying the Ringtone

Now you may unplug the phone from the computer. We will no longer be using the computer.

On your phone, go to "Settings" and click on "Sound"

Step 9: Pick Your Ringtone

On the next menu, click on "Phone ringtone" and scroll down to your song. These are all of the ringtones on your phone, both custom ones and default ringtones. The name of the ringtone is the same name as the file. In our case, my ringtone was "Iowa State Fight Song.mp3" Conversely, this will show up as Iowa State Fight Song.

The files are sorted alphabetically, so that should help you identify where the ringtone is. Simply select your new ringtone once you find it.

Step 10: Enjoy!

Your new ringtone is now set on your Galaxy Nexus. Enjoy!