Making a Very Important Traveling Tool




Introduction: Making a Very Important Traveling Tool

I have traveled more than some and less than others but one of the most useful tools I have used on my travels is a sleeping bag liner.

I had a friend who went to South East Asia and I lent it to her. She said that she packed it along just because I suggested it. However when she got there having that little layer of home between you and questionable sheets made the difference between a good nights sleep and bed bug paranoia.

Step 1: Sew the Edges Together

The process couldnt be any easier, first take an old sheet (if I had some Smurf sheets I would have used them but I had good old flowered sheets). Fold it in half and sew around two of the open edges, making a big bag.

Step 2: Customization

You are done.

You could make it fancier by putting a drawstring on the top.
Making more of a mummy bag.

Adding a pocket for a wallet/passport/ any thing you want to keep close while you sleep.

If you arent sleeping in it they also make a good laundry bag.

Hope that helps and happy travels.

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    Sleeping bags and liners transport bed bugs from hostel to hostel. Pretty well any hostel (In Australia anyway) that sees you using a sleeping bag or sleeping bag liner will immediately ask you to remove it or evict you. I've slept in many a hostel and the only times I have encountered bed bugs were sub par hostels where the sheets are waiting (folded or otherwise) on the bed for you when you arrive. In any half decent hostel you will be asked to grab sheets on the way to your room.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Just so every one knows a sleep sack will not keep out bed bugs.

    Just the same a travel sheet or sleep sack is a awesome idea, even in nice hotels(the stuff they clean there sheets with is horrid for your skin) and a requirement in many hostels. Also the pocket idea is sweet.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I bought one of these off the shelf in Turkey (I think it may be German-made). It's 100% cotton, double size (more wiggle room) and lightweight. Worth every Lira!

    Blue Leopard
    Blue Leopard

    12 years ago on Step 1

    As a seasoned traveler I can attest to the value of a sleep sack, especially when carrying a sleeping bag is impractical but you don't want to lie directly on whatever it is you're sleeping on. I can see you're using a fitted sheet. I presume a flat sheet will work just as well. What size of bed sheet do you recommend for this project?


    13 years ago on Introduction

    The pocket is a great idea for keeping things safe when sleeping. I used to put all my valuables in a bag down inside the bottom of my sleep sheet when I Youth Hostelled over Europe. You can't be too carefull, especially nowadays. Even if you don't take a sleeping bag with you, it's much more hygenic to sleep in a liner underneath the blankets used by a multitude before you in the Youth hostels.