Introduction: Making a Web-shortcut for Your OS X Dock

Bev asked in a Facebook Group how to make a shortcut for Design Space, the webapp that drives the Cricut Explore. Here's my way of doing it, which would apply to all webpages you might want to have in your dock.

Step 1: Make a Shortcut on the Finder

Drag the URL ( off the browser window onto the desktop.

You can leave it there or place it into any folder if you want to keep your desktop clean.

If you want to, you can stop here. Double clicking on that bookmark will open the browser and jump to the page. But my desktop is so cluttered, I'd never find it there. That's why I customize it's look and place it into my dock.

Step 2: Make It Pretty

First change the name. That .webloc might be cool for programmers, I'd rather have is say where it leads me: Design Space.

It is easy to change the icon of your bookmark. I thought it makes sense to paste the Cricut logo in there.

First locate your bookmark and press [cmd-i] or open the info window in the menu.

Then find a Cricut logo. Google image search might help here. ;)

Drag the logo from the browser window onto the icon in the information window. The icon should change and now be a miniature of what you have in the browser.

Step 3: Drag It Into the OS X Dock

If you want to go all the way, drag the bookmark into the right side of the dock next to the dotted line.

You now have it ready to launch whenever you want.

Just don't delete the bookmark on your desktop. You can place it anywhere you want.