Introduction: Augmented Reality Sketchpad

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ARsketchpad lets you trace digital images on to paper and so much more.

AR Sketchpad clamps a smart phone above and parallel to the paper drawing surface. Various phone camera apps can be used to combine digital contents and hand made sketches, the best one is called Camera Lucida.

What can AR Sketchpad be used for?

- Tracing digital images on to paper.

- Sharing paper notes during video calls.

- Dynamic content creation (see

Making an Augmented Sketchpad, list of materials:

- 2 sheets of 1 cm (0.4 inch) thick foam-core

- A cutter knife

- Hot glue gun

- Selfie stick phone holder.

Step 1: Building the Foam-core Structure

How to build an ARsketchpad

One word: foamcore

It is rigid, light and easy to find, handle and mold.

I use thick foamcore 1 cm (0.4 inch) .


- This design fits both regular and medium size smart phones.

Note: placing the holding structure slightly off-axis with respect to the drawing surface ensures that the smart-phone camera (in most phones on the top right corner of the device) ends up aligned with the axis

- Cut the following size rectangles:

21 x 5.5

20 x 4.5 (2 pieces)

5.5 x 13

25 x 36

- Hot glue pieces together

- Glue on the selfie stick clamp

Step 2: Apps to Use With AR Clipboard

Apps to use with AR Clipboard

Here is a list of apps you can use with the AR Sktechpad, the best on by far is Camera Lucida for IOs.

| Name | platform | Price |

| Drawiissimo | Android | Gratis (with ads) |

| Camera Lucida | Iphone | 4 | 4 $ | |

| AR lucida | Android | 4 | 4 $ | |

| AR Clipboard | Android | Free Software | |

| Augmented Draw | Android | | Gratis |

Video Calling: You can also use your AR Sketchpad during a video call, you just have to switch to the forward facing camera and share your notes live.

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