Introduction: Making an Amigurumi Platypus

As a bored college student you find ways to occupy your time. Some of us are creative, and we do things like this. Others are just boring and play vidya all day. So here's how to make an Amigurumi platypus, or,  how I spent my weekend.

Step 1: What You'll Need.

Two colors of Yarn
The recommended crochet hook for said yarn
Yarn Needles
Sewing Needles
Black Thread

Step 2: The Head and the Body.

So the head and the body of this lovely little stuffy are all one piece. Follow this pattern.

Everything between asterisks (*sc, inc*) you must repeat around.
1.  magic ring (6)
2.  inc around (12)
3.  *sc, inc* around (18)
4.  *2 sc, inc* around (24)
5.  *3 sc, inc* around (30)
6.  *4 sc, inc* around (36)
7-12.  sc around (36)
13.  *4 sc, dec* (30)
14.  *3 sc, dec* (24) 
15. *2 sc, dec* (18)
16-25.  sc around (18)

Finish Off

Step 3: The Bill

It's time to put away your body color yarn and break out your next color!

The bill follows the pattern of a ball, but you won't be stuffing it.

1. Magic Ring sc (6)
2.  inc around (12)
3.  *5 sc, inc* around (14)
4.  *6 sc, inc* around (16)
5-6.  sc around (16)

Finish off. (When you finish off the bill leave a length of yarn at the end, you will use this to sew it to the face.)

you'll be joining the flat edge created by rounds 5 and 6 to the face of your soon to be platypus.

Step 4: The Tail

The tail follows a similar pattern to the bill, but is larger, and tapered at the base.

Use the same color you used for the bill, unless you're feeling crazy!

1.  magic ring (6)
2.  inc around (12)
3.  *5 sc, inc* around (14)
4.  *6 sc, inc* around (16)
5-7.  sc around (16)
8.  *6 sc, dec* around (14)
9.  *5 sc, dec* around (12)
10.  *4 sc, dec* around (10) 

Finish off

You'll be using the flat edge after round 10 to join to the body. leave a length of string so you can sew it on later.

Step 5: The Feet

You will be making two of these, and you will also be stuffing them.

The pattern of these feet follow that of a ball.

1.  magic ring (6)
2.  inc around (12)
3-4.  sc around (12)
5.  *sc, dec* around (6)

Finish off.

Step 6: Bringing It All Together

Put away that crochet hook, you're done with it for now!

Gather all the pieces you've made throughout this instructable; the bill, tail, both feet and the body.

All the pieces except the body should have a length of yarn still attached so you can sew them to the body.

Reference the pictures below for where to approximately put the pieces.

Step 7: The Eyes.

Now it's time to sew on the eyes. Grab your thread, needles, and two buttons you's like as the eyes.

Space the eyes evenly from the bill, but you can put them wherever you think looks best.

YOU'RE FINISHED! Go show off your new stuffy platypus to all your friends!

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