Introduction: Making an Extended Life (EXTERNAL) Battery System for Canon and Nikon DSLRs


Today, is different! We teach you how to make an external battery system for the new breed of Canon DSLR cameras.

AND as stated in the video, I did the research - this will work with the Nikon Cameras too. They use a 7.4 volt battery as well. Just substitute the appropriate AC adapter for your camera.

Canon 2ti AC adapter (if you have a different camera, order the right one):

XT60 Connectors (you need two sets):

Shrink Tubing (multipack here):

Helping Hands (this is the exact one in the video):

Soldering gun (get a high wattage gun - more heat means less time in contact with components... Less chance of burning or melting things):

Solder (This has the flux built into it, so for instructions on how to use it to tin the tips, etc. look online):

Battery Pack (This pack is bigger than mine, but also has a higher mAh rating, so will last longer):

Charger (Not the same one I showed, but this should do the trick... you will, however, have to wire a connector to it.):