Introduction: Making Decision Making Easy

Do you have problems making decisions sometimes?  Do you find yourself faced with too many choices and not being able to choose?  How about choosing lunch, I find that is the hardest decision I have all day sometimes.  If that is the case then this is the intructable that can help.

In this instructable you will learn to make a quick and easy destiny wheel.  You can even make it at your desk at work.  This instructable uses only materials that I had at my desk at home, I am assuming most offices will have similar supplies handy.

Step 1: Gather Materials

To start off you'll need the following items.   If you hae them at your desk that's great, but if you don't you can usually find them around the office somewhere; remember that you should always ask before you taking someone else's things. 

-An assortment of pens and pencils
-A permanent marker
-An old CD
-A few paper clips
-Sturdy paper
-Dry erase marker
-Computer and printer

Tip: The sturdy paper will be the housing, so use something that is good and heavy, I used and old filing folder.

Step 2: Design Your DEstiny I: the Wheel

This is where you will be designing your wheel.  You need to know what you wan to put on your wheel, food, people, places, etc.  That is unless you plan on using a dry erase marker, then you can change the options everytime you use the wheel, this is best for people with lots of different decisions to make.  I used my nornal lunch options.

Regardless of what you have planned for your destiny wheel you will need to segment it, the equation below shows you how to get approximately even segments and the picture shows how to get the equation and use it.
(2*pi*2.38inches)/(# of segments) = length of each segment
The length you get will be from two points on the outside of the CD.  Use your ruler to draw a straight line from those points to the center of the CD and you will have your segments.

Step 3: Design Your Destiny II: the Housing

At this point you should decide what you want you destiny wheel to look like, if you have a theme to your office, or wherever you will be using this, then you can choose a design to match that theme.  If you want a plain wheel to go anywhere, then you don't have much work to do.  I chose to add a little character, but nothing special.

You can draw the design out yourself or you can use a computer.  On the computer you can generate your own image or you can find one online, just print it out and copy it onto your sturdy paper.

You can design and cut out in any order you would like, it does depend a little on your design, this is a judgement call.

Tip:  Make sure that any design you make will accomodate the CD, it is the central part of this instructable.

Tip: If you are using two pieces of paper instead of a folder that is alread attached, make sure to add tabs to your desing so that the two pieces can be glued or taded together.

Step 4: Preparing the Pieces

After you have the design layed out onto your sturdy paper and you have your segments drawn onto your wheel, you need to get them ready to fit together. 

You will be using a paper clip as your axle so to make the CD spin smoothly you will want to put two pieces of tape crosswise on either side as shown in the first picture below. 

If you have not already done so you can cut out your design from your sturdy paper.  Then fold tabs and pierce a hole in the center where the wheel will set so that the paper clip can fit into it, I did this, carefully, with scissors.  Do the same with the center of the CD.

You will need to bend a paper clip to work as your axle, this is the thir picture.  Be sure to leave one straight side, that way you can put it all together easier in the next step.

Step 5: Putting It All Together

Now glue and tape whatever you need to make the housing stand up, I only had to unfold the folder.

After that, slide the paper clip through the front of the housing, then the CD, then the back of the housing.  To keep the CD from sliding when spinning, I put tape in front of and behind it.  The bend in the paper clip is used and the pointer for the Destiny wheel, showing which desitny it chose for you.

Step 6: Place It Where It Will Do the Most Good

I put my Destiny Wheel on my monitor so that I can use it when I am ready to eat!

You can also just get the Wheel ready and tack it to foam board to get a super easy Destiny Wheel without the paper trail, it just isn't as fun and I don't have foam board!