Introduction: Plug-Pulls for Stiff and Awkward Electrical Plugs

How to make your own easy and safe plug-pull. It will help you
gain a better and softer grip on those awkward and stiff plugs that can make the
everyday simple task of plugging and unplugging
a socket a real struggle.

This foam handled plug-pull is particularly great for
those who suffer from sore or stiff hands.

Step 1: Materials

Two cable ties (preferable 250 mm so they're long enough), one flexible foam hair curler (with inside wire removed) and just a pair of scissors to trim the excess off the cable ties.

Step 2: Removing Inner Foam Curler Wire

Foam hair rollers may be different, but they will all have a piece of thin wire inside. You will need to remove this by either cutting off both ends of the foam to push the wire out or simply by pulling it out like this picture shows. This will then create a hollow tube for you to thread the foam curler on to a cable tie shown in the next step.

Step 3: Make Two Loops

Thread the cable tie on to the curler until it is pushed out the other side as this will be your plug-pull handle This may be a bit stiff at first so you may want to use a pair of pilers.

Next, create a loose loop with the foam threadedc cable tie and do the same for the second cable tie. They have to be loose as these will have to fit over the plug's body.

Step 4: Attaching the Plug-pull Handle

Using both hands or someone to help, insert the bare cable tie within the circle of the foam thread cable tie so they cross each other.

Push the bare cable tie over the plug. Try to fasten the bare cable tie so that the plug's wire prevents the plug-pull handle from slipping off. Make sure that the foam threaded cable tie is trapped between the plug's body and the bare cable tie. Tighten both cable ties till they are both very secure.

Step 5: Your Finished Plug-pull!

Lastly trim the excess cable and your plug pull is now ready for easy plugging!