Introduction: Making Fresh Whipped Cream

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Make your own fresh whipped cream to serve along side your homemade pie or dessert. It is quick and easy.

Step 1: Begin Mixing Cream

Pour heavy whipping cream into the bowl of a stand mixer. If you don't have a stand mixer, a hand mixer will work as well. The whisk attachment to a kitchenAid Mixer is ideal!

For each cup of heavy whipping cream add 1/4 cup powdered sugar.

Step 2: Whip Cream

Begin to whip cream. Whip on high. It takes a couple minutes to whip up into frothy goodness. Keep whipping on high until peaks begin to form. If you are using a hand mixer, rotate the mixer around the bowl.

While whipping, add 1 tsp of vanilla for each cup of cream.
Continue whipping until cream is almost firm. Serve immediately.

If you let your whipped cream sit too long before serving, it may get liquidy again. Just give it a quick whip and serve.

Step 3: Serve With Pie.

Scoop whipped cream and drop a dollop with your pie or cake. Yum!

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