Introduction: Making Necklaces With Recycle Tin Can Pull Tabs

I've been collecting the pull tabs off tin cans for a while, hoping they could be used as conductors for a future project.

One day while I was fooling around with it, it occurred to me that they make a pretty nice accessories.

Not sure what's there to write about since it's pretty simple to do.

And what do you know? On the first weekend of signing up for Instructables, there's a necklace contest.

So I decided to give it a try.

What I like about my project is that it's simple, it promotes recycling, and it's actually kinda pretty :)

The added benefit of it is, the finished product has a nice sound of tabs rubbing against each other.

Step 1: Collect Tin Can Pull Tabs

There are actually a few different kinds of tin can pull tabs, some come with colour, some are opened backwards.

Depending on personal preference, a variety of colour and style of pull tabs could be great for this project

So, when you drink a pop, keep the lids, who knows when they will come in handy.

There isn't much to say about collecting tin cans lids: Just make a conscious effort to not throw them away and keep them in a drawer, or a pocket or something so when you have enough lids.

And be persistent.

I've collected mine for quite some time, I also threw quite a lot of it away during this time as well simply because I was de-motivated by not having any idea of what to do with them. So it helps to have a goal and be persistent and patient about it.

I would also recommend collecting it from your friends when you hang out, to spread the word around a little bit.

However, Please be aware that purchasing a large amount of drink for the sole purpose collecting lids is the exact opposite idea of recycling.

Step 2: Experiment With Design - Repeat Until Satisfied

1. Start by gathering all the pull tabs you wish to use.

2. Push them through a string of any kind (I started with a thread, but I'm onto wires now just because they are thicker and stronger in strength, but they will both work, again, experiment until you are satisfied)

Anything I did with a wire, one can do with a thin thread as well, wire creates a bit of an obstructive view

3. Now you are free to experiment with different designs, here are some of the things you can do

1) Leave it as it is or

2) Grab two ends of the string (wire) and pull them towards the middle to make a tight loop

3) This is where a thin thread would have helped a lot.

Start creating designs by wrapping your thread around a pull tab somewhere in the middle, now you can start bending your pull tabs arrangements around to shape your design. Once you are satisfied with the design, tie knots around the joints to stabilize the design

4) Anything else? Be creative, feel free to share

You can remove/reposition/add pull tabs in any way you like

Step 3: Finalize the Pendant Design

When you are satisfied with your design, it's time to finalize it.

There are many ways to do this.

If you used a wire like I did, twist it together.

Or if you used a thin thread, simply make a knot.

You may even use some glue, or tape. Again, depending on your preferences.

I wouldn't mind adding some colour using duck tape actually.

Step 4: Attach the Pendant Onto a String of Your Choice

This step is fairly straight forward, it depends on the kind of string you have available..

For example, if you might be able to simply run your string through the holes on the lids and glue together/tie together the end and clip off the excess.

You can clip it onto a string, glue it, or whatever.

Of course, you can always slip it on an actual necklace string, I'm just providing some ideas here

Step 5: Attach Other Accessories (if You So Desire)

You must be in shock when you see the title.

But hey, why not? Can lids are perfect for clipping on things.

Here are a few things one might consider attaching to our little can lid pedant.

1) USB Key

2) Regular key

3) A level. (Hey, I thought that was kinda cool)

4) Maybe a flashlight?

Hey, I was going to add LEDs to this, but I thought this was much better looking

Mini LED Flashlight


Well, I guess this was actually a pretty simple project. In reality, it was just

1) Collect the pins and

2) Run them through your thread/string.

I hope I provided enough idea to expand on this, the main point I'm trying to make is: We can make something nice out of junks as well, we just have to be creative about it.

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