Introduction: Making of "Calender Wheel"

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We all know a calendar, which is available in every house. So, let's try to make a calendar by ourself!!
Without wasting our time, let's get started!

Step 1: Making of Main Body

Make three cardboard circles of size
Try to make the circles with accurate size and also make a hole in the middle of all 3 circle with the help of compass.

Step 2: Adding More Flavours to Look Creative

Now, cut the colourful craft papers similar to the shape of circles and stick them on all 3 circles, to make it more good looking, you should use different colours of craft.

Step 3: Dates, Days and Months

This is the most important part of our calendar.
Take the biggest circle and write days on it (1 - 31). Take the 5cm circle and write months on it (January - February), now, take the smallest circle and write days of the week (Sunday - Saturday).
Wait, wait, here the work is not completed, many more things are left, our journey is not yet completed.
Stay tuned!!!

Step 4: Creating of Bearings/stoppers

We have to make some stoppers, which will help in our assembling of calendar.
Cut 6 small pieces of cardboard. Make holes in the center of all 6 small cardboard pieces.
The use of these stoppers will get you know afterwards.

Step 5: Making of Dates, Days, Months Indicator

This one is also important, as it let's us know about the current month, day, date.
Take a rectangular shaped cardboard as shown in the image.
Make a rectangular hole in it, again see the above image!
Now, make a small hole below the rectangular hole.
Now we are ready with our materials, only assembling them is remaining.

Step 6: Assembling the Materials We Are Ready With

This is our last but not the least step!
Take a toothpick and take all our materials (circles, indicator, stoppers). Stick the indicator on the back stopper. The toothpick should pass from all the middle holes. Assemble the things in this way:
First, a stopper
Second, an indicator
Third, a stopper
Fourth, a circle (2.5 sized)
Fifth, a stopper
Sixth, a circle (5.0 sized)
Seventh, a stopper
Eighth, a circle (7.5 sized)
Ninth, a stopper
Tenth, back stand (check step 7)
Eleventh, a stopper.

Step 7: Creating of Back Stand

Stand is very essential here, because without stand, calendar cannot stand straight.
Take a cardboard or thermocol sheet and wrap colourful craft sheet on it and again make a hole in between. Now your calendar's stand is ready.
Now with the things we have already assembled, add the stand in the the tooth pick at back of big circle.

Step 8: Calendar Is Ready

Set the day, date and Month as shown in the picture.
Enjoy your calender!!!

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