Making of One Step Ladder

Introduction: Making of One Step Ladder

2015 Spring Festival, back home and parents have been reunited over the new year.

To see the over eighty years old man every day in and out of the kitchen has a high level of about 25cm, not convenient, unsafe. Just say I'll make a ladder, it has only one step.

Come back, there is no material, put on hold.

Last week, think of the use of the collection of wood before the demolition of the use of wood, can be used. To find out, design, processing and making of one step ladder.

Mailed back home, yesterday received, the application! Satisfied!

Step 1: Design

Sketch Map

Step 2: Get the Materials Ready

Demolition of the packing box.

Step 3: Making Wooden Frame

Material processing, Wood frame assembly.

Step 4: Making Wooden Board

Wood composite design, Processing, With pins and glue assembly planks.

Step 5: Final Assembly

Whole assembly, Internal structure reinforcement.

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