Introduction: Making of TAPE DISPENSER.

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We are always in need of sticky tape for crafts and whenever we try to take a piece of tape we need almost of 3 minutes to take it out. First we have to find where is the edge of tape, then take a scissor and then cut, this will consume a lot of time which is very precious,
But not know onwards, because we are going to make a cardboard tape dispenser, very easy.


1. Cardboard
2. Glue/Fevicol
3. Scissors
4. Having blade or any other small blade.

Step 1: Making Base of Dispenser

Take a cardboard and cut it in these shapes shown in image.
Now, we will assemble all step by step.
Take a strip of cardboard and stick on the mountain like shaped cardboard on the side of base.

Step 2: Making Base of Functions

Now, take one small piece of cardboard and stick on the mountain like shaped cardboard piece as shown in image, make sure you stick one piece slanting and another straight.
Now, stick the other mountain like shaped cardboard on another side of base strip.

Step 3: Making Dispenser Functional.

Now take a shaving blade or any other blade and cut it, measuring the size of dispenser, stick in front of dispenser. And now stick a piece of cardboard in front of blade, so that the blade will be hidden. And yes, make sure you measure the size of the base strip with your sticky tape.

Step 4: Making Dispenser More Functional.

Now make cuts in middle of mountain like shaped cardboard till center of it, so that we will be able to change the tape when it is finished.
Now, take another piece of cardboard and roll it with the tape which you are going to keep in dispenser, this part is very necessary.
Now stick this piece right behind the blade we had sticked.

Step 5: Using the Dispenser.

Now, take the sticky tape and and cut a piece of cardboard of the size of tape, see the image. Now make a small hole in it.
Now, take a wooden stick and put it in the hole.
Put this tape through the cut we had made in mountain like shaped cardboard, have a look on image.
Now take the tape and stick on the piece of cardboard in which we had rolled tape.
And whenever you need to cut it, just pull it near the blade and press on it, it will get cut.
Enjoy cutting the tape, yeah!