Introduction: Making Portable Polish Horseshoe Game

This is my 1st Instructable,so please be gentle! i did not plan this ahead of time, i got the idea to put together my own version of this game and did it. this instructable is to help others not make the same mistakes i made. i take no resposability for any liability or injuries you sustain in following my directions. ( or any damage caused by over-intoxicated frisbee play!)
so here we go...

Step 1: Gather the Supplies

you can alter this in any way you see fit,size,dimensions,etc. i used ...
1" pvc pipe 10' long- x3
1" elbows- x4
1" 'T' connectors- x6
1" pipe to pipe connectors- x4
3" knock out pipe cap- x2
hack saw
glue gun
tape measure
sharpie marker
spray paint

Step 2: Measure Twice,cut Once

and make sure you have a good saw. ( i used a cheap one, couldn't cut a straight line and had to keep trimming)
for my game i cut
(A) 2 pipes 52.5"
(B) 2 pipes 25"
(C)8 pipes 11.5"

Step 3: Paint

this step is optional. if you do decide to paint, at this point i would suggest that you tape off 1/2" of each end of each pipe. this keeps paint from building up and makes it easier to put together and take apart.  also, tape off the open ends of the 'T' and elbow connectors.

Step 4: Glue the Cap to the Plain Connector

use the hot glue to stick the cap to one end of the connector. this will be your bottle platform.

Step 5: Put It Together

1) put an elbow on each end of the 25" pieces.
2) take 1 "T" and put an 11.5" pipe in each end of the top of the 'T' .
3) put the bottom of a 'T' on each end of those pipes.
4) connect  1) and 2) with 2x 11.5" pipes

this forms the base

Step 6: Finish It

put the 52.5" pole into the base and top off with the cap.
this is where i finished,but there might be 1 more step, depending how the game works out when we go camping.
if you want a smaller , more portable game (or shorter) cut the pole in half, and use a connector to reconnect the 2 pieces you just cut. that way the poles will be easier to store.
i also hot glued 2 "glo stick bracelet" connectors to the cap, so we can play at night

the instructions to the game can be found here