Introduction: Making the Lantern

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Sitting in a quite dark room, i realised that i needed to invest in a lamp. Believe it or need, that simple task need a lot of thinking specially when you are a student on a budget. And then i thought why not just make a cheap one my self, i had alot of stuff with no use laying around. I Decided then to make this lamp.

Doing a bit of research, i became inspired by the moroccan lanterns so i decided to design one of those.

So the lantern it self, costed almost nothing since i just used card board, and my old CD's cases and some paint.

Cutting the patterns in cardboard and plastic was a bit time consuming, so it could be a nice thing if you own a laser cutter :)

I will attach an illustrator file with the patterns at the end of this instructable. If you like it or have any comments, please comment :)

Step 1: You Will Need

The will need following materials and tools

- Acrylic paint

- Spray paint

- Hot glue-gun

- Some card paper

- Some Old CD Cases

- Hobby knife

- Soledering iron

Step 2: The Body

Just cutting the shape, and glowing/taping it together.

Step 3: The Corners

The corners are cut and the glued to cover the corners. You will need 8 of those, 4 up and 4 down.

Step 4: The Upper Border

Just cutting the shape, and glowing/taping it together.

Step 5: Attaching Upper Border and Body

the Top border is attached to the main body

Step 6: The Upper Dome

Just cutting the shape, and glowing/taping it together.

Step 7: Painting the Body

the body is then sprayed painted with golden paint.

Step 8: The Cones

To add some details, i placed cones on the corners of the body. those were made by cutting a half circle, folding it and glueing it.

Step 9: Adding the Comes to the Body

Then cones are then added to the body and then spray painted.

Step 10: Cutting the Windows

The windows were made of old CD covers, those were cut with soldering iron. I used some sand paper to make them a bit shady. Then i painted them with acrylic paint. as you can see i chose 4 colours, but you can really choose what ever you want.

Step 11: Glueing the Windows to the Main Body

The plastic windows were then glued to the main body with a heat-gun.

Step 12: Making the Support for the Light Bulb

To support the light bulb, a cylinder were made and glued together.

Step 13: The Bottom Dome

Just cutting the shape, and glowing/taping it together. as you can see this dome is a bit longer as the upper one, just so it can slide inside the body, so it can make it easier to change the light bulb if it is needed

Step 14: The Bottom Border

Just cutting the shape, and glowing/taping it together, and then the plastic windows are added. as you can see an extra border is added to support the sliding dome.

Step 15: Putting Things Together

Every thing is the put together, and it fits :)

Step 16: Final Thoughts

The light looks just great in the room now. for the process it was quite of fun. No doubt about it, having a laser cutter would have made the process much quicker, easier and being able to do more complicated patterns both for the body and the windows.

Another idea could be spray painting the windows instead of using a brush. But, let me be honest, the brush marks give it also its charm.

I hope you make one of your own, and remember to comment if you have any questions or suggestions.

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