Introduction: Making the "Pyramids of Giza" Out of Snow

To make the "Pyramids of Giza" from snow, all you need to have is snow and some free time. This is my own version of the pyramids, along with sphinx . Just follow the steps, learn them and have fun.

Thank you

Step 1: Preparation

Make a snowy cubic model and try to gather as much snow as you can in there. You can use some instruments like shovel, plastic bags and dusters to speed up your work.
**Remember to compress the snow every few minutes, so that you don't face any problem later on.

Step 2: Try Hard!

After making the cubic model, you should try to make a pyramid from it by taking snow out of its sides.
**Don't forget to compress the snow.
After making it, try to scratch the pyramid by your fingers to give it a real shape.

Step 3: The Smaller Pyramids ...

Make two other pyramids, one on the left and the other on the right side of the main pyramid. Use the same technique; make a cubic model, cut off the sides, compress and scratch.

Step 4: Making the Sphinx

For making the sphinx, all you need to do is to make a small, halved cylinder (imagine a cylinder, halfway through the ground). Then make a head-shaped snow ball, not too big and not too small compared to its body and place it somewhere suitable on its body.  Draw mouth and eyes for it, to make it look good. You may also add tail and hands.

Step 5: The Final Step :D

For a better view, try to clear the surrounding by removing extra snow from the ground.
**Now take picture with your own-made pyramids of Giza, covered with snow and enjoy looking at it for weeks...

=> Thank you<=