Introduction: Making the Samsung USB Flash Drive Duo Fit in a Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung USB Flash Duo is a great little memory that can connect to both standard USB and micro USB. But if you're the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S5, you have probably noticed the annoying fact that the memory collides with the USB port cover. It fits, but it puts strain on the port cover which could make it break - and it's just plain annoying!

This tutorial shows how to "flip" the cover of the USB memory so it fits perfectly in your Galaxy S5. Let's begin!

Step 1: What You Need

  • A Samsung Galaxy S5
  • A Samsung USB Flash Duo memory stick
  • A small file (a metal nail file will do)

Step 2: Remove the Cover

The metal cover can be removed from the internal flash drive by pushing the plastic flaps in the holes on either side of the USB memory.

While pressing the micro USB connector down on a table, gently press in the small plastic flap in the hole on one side of the cover. Switch to the other side. You may have to repeat on either side until you get them to loosen (do not use force!).

If you have someone who can help you out, you could press both flaps at the same time, which would be easier.

When the cover has been loosened, simply press the micro USB connector all the way in and pull out the internal component from the cover.

WARNING: Make sure you are not carrying an electrostatic charge, this could potentially damage the electronics! Either use an antistatic bracelet, or at least make sure you discharge yourself by touching something grounded (like a metal sink) before proceeding. USB memories are not super sensitive components, but better safe than sorry.

Step 3: Make the Hole Bigger

Now it's time to grab your file, and gently file away at the hole for the micro USB connector. Gently file down the two rounded corners until the hole is rectangular. This will enable the micro USB port to fit through the hole while rotated 180 degrees.

Step 4: Reassembly

When the hole is rectangular, it's time to reassemble the device. Of course, you'll want to insert the USB memory rotated 180 degrees to how it was previously installed :)

Make sure the micro USB connector can pass through the hole - if it doesn't, you might have to enlarge the hole slightly. Simply push the standard USB connector down until it is fully inside the metal cover. The two tiny flaps in the holes on the sides should be in their locked positions (you have to look carefully).

Step 5: Finished

The transformation is now complete, and you can enjoy using your USB stick with your Galaxy S5 without the annoying port cover vs. USB stick collision!