Introduction: Making the Yarn Frisbee

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I made a Frisbee from yarn and epoxy! So a couple weeks back I made these yarn bowls because all the ones I'd seen looked crazy fragile. Mine could be bounced off the concrete.

Which got me thinking, what else could I make from this?!

Step 1: Working Off a Form

I picked up a Spider-Man Frisbee from the dollars store and decided to see if I could make this work. Any cheap plastic frisbee will do. (But a Spider-Man one is best in my opinion)

Next, grab some packing tape! While epoxy resin will stick to most plastics (like a $1 Spider-Man Frisbee) it will not stick to packing tape. I don't know why, but there it is. So, cover the entire top surface of your frisbee with packing tape.

I stole this scrumptious orange yarn from my wife. She doesn't care. Thicker yarn means a stronger frisbee as it will absorb more resin. My yarn worked well, but the next one will be of a thicker grade.

I judged it as best I could and unraveled about a frisbee's worth... I have no idea. I can always add more if I need it.

Step 2: Resin Time!

The Epoxy I'm using is West System Resin. It's made for boat making and more than up for the task of a yarn frisbee. (Should frisbee be capitalized?! )

I think any epoxy resin should work well. I like the marine epoxies as they tend to cure fairly quickly.

STIR well. 90% of all resin failures are due to a lack of proper stirring! (I made up that figure for extra drama)

Once the resin is well mixed add a Mess Of Yarn* (1 MOY = 1 Frisbee's worth)

DO NOT EAT. Seriously, you would die. (I think.)

I then just twist this all over Spidey's face. It doesn't take much time, but it is a VERY messy process. I think the hardest part was keeping the string free of knots. Other than that, it shouldn't take more than 15 minutes or so.

Turns out I was a little shy on the amount. (1 MOY ≠ 1 Frisbee's worth) So I had to add more yarn to more resin in order to complete the job. It stayed up fine while wrapping it around the sides. I was expecting a struggle there but didn't have any issues.

Step 3: Completed!

I waited 24 hours, before removing it from its form. Came out cleanly and the Spider-Man frisbee is no worse for wear. The packing tape did its job well.

There were a few sharp edges, so I sanded them down!

AND most importantly, it WORKED. Actually, it flew really well, it even took a few dives and seems to be holding up!