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The kitchen is the heart of your home - it is where family gathers to share their day, to enjoy good food together, and to feel at home. I have always felt at home in the kitchen, so when I moved into my current house with its rather small kitchen, I knew that I had to do some magic to make it work for me. 

I had rather specific needs when renovating my kitchen, as I am a professional chef by day, so I like my space to be functional and cater to my needs. Given the lack of space, everything that went into the space needed to have at least 2 or 3 functions. Also, I have a lot of tools and gadget(all carefully chosen) so there had to be plenty of storage space. 

This is the result of the renovation. There are no doors on the cabinets yet, but they are coming, and having left them open for several year has encourage me to install glass doors on the center cabinets, to show off my dishes.

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