Introduction: Making Wooden Dowels the Easy Way

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Finished dowel after sanding while spinning in drill.

Step 1: Cutting Dowel Blanks

Cut dowels blanks to size bigger than the final size, I used my band saw but just as easy on the table saw

Step 2: Dowel Plate

Start by roughly punching blanks through plate by hammering through larger hole than finish size.

Step 3: Drilling

Drill the dowel gradually through holes to finish size

Step 4: Drilling

Ok Now insert rough dowel into your drill chuck and drill through plate gradually using smaller hole the holes are serrated so the dowels is sawn to correct thickness

Step 5: Size

Check final size if you want to increase glueing area leave the dowel in its rough state or just leave out the drilling step.I'm awaiting a piece of steel plate to make a video on making the dowel plate,please subscribe to my Youtube channel:-

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